A Collection of Aircraft Fabric and Photographs

Mostly 1930s, consisting of 16 large (approximately 8 1/4 x 10 1/2”) swatches of doped (treated) fabric, held together with a steel clip, from wings or fuselages of identified airplanes, including Stearman, Lincoln-Paige, Waco, Aeronca, Eaglerock, Taylor Cub, etc. One older piece is described with an ink note in an unidentified hand, “Fokker D7 Fabric. Shot down WWI by Canadian Ace William C. Gaige (my first instructor).” The snapshots are of planes on the ground and in the air, crashes, aerial shots, pilots and one remarkable shot of a pilot bailing out of a plane (on fabric identified as “Bud Adams Taylor Cub. 2 Killed. Tangled Midair Over Dycer Airport [Los Angeles]”). The photographs are “free mounted,” which is to say that the corners are inserted into slits in the appropriate fabric and not mounted with adhesive.

[Book #35624P]

Price: $2,250.00