Nocturnes - Marines - Chevalet Pieces

No place of publication [London]: no publisher, n.d. [1892]. First Edition of this folio reproducing work in the artist’s self-produced 1892 retrospective exhibition; consisting of 24 mounted photographs of the artist’s paintings, varying in size, but mostly 8 x 10” or a little smaller, mounted individually on stiff leaves approximately 15” wide x 25 tall”; bound in (contemporary or original) 1/2 morocco and cloth (minor wear) and floral endpapers; with a title page and a list of the titles following the photographs. Each work has been signed by the artist, “Whistler” and with his butterfly device on the leaf near the mounted photograph. Reportedly, only a small number of these signed volumes were prepared and successfully sold. Among other paintings, this folio contains his most famous work “Arrangement in Grey and Black: Portrait of the Artist’s Mother.” Known popularly as “Whistler’s Mother,” only the “Mona Lisa” has been parodied more often, which might be taken as a measure of its familiarity, influence and appeal, even given its wide lampooning. Homage comes in many varieties. Whistler was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, but this humble start held little appeal in his later, more exotic and refined life, and he often denied his origin. His father was a West Point graduate (as the artist was) who was partially responsible for an engineering marvel known as the Canton Viaduct, a railway bridge between Boston and Providence, completed in 1835, still in use, and still impressive whether you ride the train across it or ride in a car through the arches below.

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