An Archive Relating to the Career of Broadway Actress Marian Winters. MARIAN WINTERS, TYRONE POWER.

An Archive Relating to the Career of Broadway Actress Marian Winters

Most significantly, this archive contains seven holograph letters from Tyrone Power (signed “Tyrone”); 13 pages in total. One is dated 1954, and the others, while undated, are also from the fifties; three are on his stationery, the rest on hotel letterheads. In addition, there are two Christmas cards and one for Easter, all signed “Tyrone.” For the most part, the letters are to both Winters and her then-husband, and these are especially warm, friendly and chatty. Winters starred with Katharine Cornell and Power in the American production of Fry’s The Dark is Light Enough (her own copy of the English first edition; with a card inscribed by Fry and with two typed pages of additions and her annotations throughout, is included, as are three programs). Writing from London, probably in 1956, he refers to his movie work, “We started the film last Monday, & this has been a bitch of a week. I think this ‘flick-making’ is for the younger generation...but it’s fun to have one’s own production, & we’re a wonderful cast & a hell of a story...” Power mentions that he’ll ...”bring ‘Devil’s Disciple’ into town for a limited run sometime in October...” and that “...’Duchin’ [the Eddie Duchin Story] seems to be doing pretty well - it opens here on the 19th.” In this archive are three programs for the Fry play, with Cornell, Power and Winters, a Playbill signed by the cast for Nobody Loves an Albatross (in which she appeared, in 1964) and two Playbills for the Lindsay-Crouse comedy Tall Story (1959), signed by its stars, Winters, Hans Conried and Marc Connolly.

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