A Collection Of Automotive Literature

Comprising 14 items as follows: Stevens-Duryea Motor Cars. Stevens-Duryea Company: Chicopee Falls, Ma., n.d. [c. 1907]. Original wrappers, 32 pages, illustrated, very good. Saxon Days. Detroit: Saxon Motor Company, n.d. [1915]. Original wrappers, 28 pages, illustrated, very good. The New Series Studebaker Six-50 and Four-40 Automobiles. Waterville: Studebaker Corporation of Canada, n.d. (1916). Original wrappers, 16 pages, illustrated, very good. Ford Times, September, 1916. Canadian edition. Original wrappers, 96 pages, very good. Automotive Sundries Corporation. 1936 Catalog. Automotive Parts, Accessories and Garage Equipment. Original wrappers, 52 pages, very good. Why Not A Straight Eight For Your Money? Detroit: Buick, 1937. Brochure, one sheet folded, about fine. On With The Show! Pontiac Presents. Detroit: Pontiac Motor Company, 1938. Large deluxe color brochure for the company’s car dealers, illustrating new models with an emphasis on promotion. Original wrappers, very good. Pontiac: World’s Most Popular Straight Eight. Detroit: Pontiac Motor Company, 1938. Folded brochure, unfolding to a full color folio-sized chart of the 1938 models. Near fine. Here’s The Inside Story of the 1938 Pontiac Silver Streak. Detroit: Pontiac Motor Company, 1938. Brochure opening to metamporphic pages which reveal the interior, engine and chassis. Near fine. Every Detail Of The Oldsmobile 8 Speaks of Luxury and Comfort. Detroit: Oldsmobile, 1938. Folio sheet folded opening to a black and white illustration of the new models. Very good. Here’s The Key to Motoring Style Leadership. Detroit: Oldsmobile, n.d. [1938?]. Printed folder with 13 sheets laid in, some in color, illustrating the new models. The New Hudson. Detroit: Hudson Motors, 1947. Brochure, 23 pages, illustrated with a color inner folding cover of the new models. Archival tape on spine, very good, with instructions laid in for the Hudson Export Radio and for the Radio Antenna Kit.

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