[Book #23484P] Two Typed Letters Signed to Gilbert Seldes. ROBERT BENCHLEY.

Two Typed Letters Signed to Gilbert Seldes

On New Yorker stationery Benchley writes on March 4th, 1935, “...The misunderstanding about the avuncular nature of my piece was natural, as Soglow drew much smaller children than I had in mind....I didn’t know that the younger ones roamed in and out of the house as ominously. Evidently Soglow did...But if am only an uncle, what the hell are these term-bills on my desk for?...How about a little trip to the Coast this summer to...[see] the new Dorothy Parker. I’ll be at M-G-M taking the place of the old lion who just died.” Signed “Bob.” Seldes has made a pencil note at the bottom of the page, “we went that year or the next and saw Bob at his best - we stayed with Dotty.” Another typed letter on his own stationery is dated April 21, 1937 and has the recipient’s ink note at the top of the page that this concerned a Sacco-Vanzetti scholarship proposal, “...maybe I can work out here just as well among the rich liberals. They are suckers for that sort of thing...I will write to Johnny Marquand...Freddy Allen of Harpers ought to be a joiner..and, of course, there is Sam Behrman. Do we have to stick to Harvard men? I suppose so...I should think that Frankfurter might be able to tell us how to go about it... Let me know at the Garden of Allah...” Signed “Bob.”.

[Book #23484P]

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