Six One-Page Typed Letters, Signed, to His New York Editor. GERALD R. FORD.

Six One-Page Typed Letters, Signed, to His New York Editor

Four of five letters from 1964-1965 (on Congressional or Minority Leader stationery) concern his Portrait of the Assassin; “...I’m sure you appreciate that because of the classified nature of the story, it is difficult to follow the normal procedure of submitting a detailed outline and sample chapter...Please regard even this as confidential...Enclosed are an up-dated biography and new picture for use in “Portrait of the Assassin.”...We believe the terms proposed are satisfactory...on television last Saturday night...putting in a ‘plug’ for the book.” Three of these letters are signed “Jerry” and two are signed “Jerry Ford,” One has a holograph postscript, signed “J.” In 1979 he wrote declining to give a blurb for a golf book, “...Nancy is a super person and a fantastic golfer. Her book will be most helpful to struggling golfers such as GRF, and I am certain it will sell well without any comment by me. I have good memories of our joint effort on PORTRAIT OF AN ASSASSIN. It was a good book, and if you can find a copy now the price is substantially higher than originally.” Signed “Jerry Ford.”.

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